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**warning**rant immenant**

I am SSSOOOOO sick of people who only look at things from one side of the issue.


And the way that the media, politics, a religious groups play on this side of human nature.

The whole pro-life vs. pro-choice/funding for Planned Parenthood argument is making me crazy.

People get so caught up in what is presented to them as the issue, they don't REALLY look at what is going on....

*on a side note-

I dont care if you are pro life or pro choice or somewhere in the midde (like me)...

No one should have to look at pictures of dead babies on the street..

No one should have to explain that to thier small children

No one who has recently suffered the loss of a pregnancy should be faced with the picture of a similarly aged fetus

No one who has had to make that choice

No one who has just eaten lunch for that matter

End rant...for now......


Not to mention that they were arguing about a topic that is completely irrelevant to the budget they were arguing. Seriously, social issues do NOT belong in a discuss of financial issues. Save it for another day, time, place and platform.